The Wildlife Center

Posted by on 05/07/2013

JMar and Chrispy at TWC - 5/5/13

While on adventure in the Jemez Wilderness, the NMD crew drove north to Española, NM, and had the good fortune to meet-up with Chris Poole, Educational Animal Curator/Facilites Manager at The Wildlife Center in Española, NM.  By good fortune, the facility was being filmed by Jake L. and the film crew from Alabama.

The Wildlife Center works to conserve and restore native wildlife and their habitats through action-oriented education, promotion of public awareness, strategic partnerships and responsible wildlife rehabilitation.

Chrispy and the Bobcats

Each year The Wildlife Center takes in up to 1,200 orphaned, ill and injured animals from across the state. These animals include bears, porcupines, pelicans, owls, eagles, hummingbirds and ravens. The Wildlife Center is the only rehabilitation center in New Mexico permitted by the federal government and the state of New Mexico to rehabilitate large mammals, such as mountain lions and elk, endangered species and the bald eagle, our national bird. Due to the skill of the ICU staff and volunteers, TWC’s success rate for return to the wild is over 55%.

Chris Poole checking the raptors

Twenty-five educational birds and more than fifteen bird handlers provide wildlife education programs for local elementary schools in Espanola, Pojoaque, Los Alamos and Santa Fe, and to the general public at special events. During our programs, our education raptors give students a chance to see wild birds face-to-face plus we provide hands-on and interactive activities to encourage kids to enjoy and appreciate nature.

Visitors are encouraged to visit The Wildlife Center facility.  Over 30 educational animals are on display.  Walking tours and interactive displays are available.

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