The Troll’s Demise – A cave fable

Posted by on 05/08/2014

Spoiler Alert - The Troll meets his demise.

The Troll’s Demise is a cave fable by Dan Otero. This short film chronicles the last hours of the Tall True Tree Troll, as he’s turned to stone by Trogla, a stone golem of the northern New Mexico Lapidolite mine.

Caught up in the saga is professor Roberts, a UNM geology professor touring and discussing the geology with his student, Yolanda.

Hilarity ensues.

Featuring original music and sound FX by Jonathan Dodge Mayer, and performances by Wil Albarez, Juliet Stephens Tripp, Sherri Davenport and Bob Alexander as the Troll, Trogla, Yolanda, and professor Roberts, respectively.

The Troll’s Demise premiered at the Santa Fe Film Festival in 2004. This is the original cut of that screening.


Wil Albarez as The Tall True Tree Troll
Juliet Stephens Tripp as Trogla
Alexander Roberts as Himself
Sherri Davenport as Yolanda

Directed by Dan Otero

Original music and audio score by
Jonathan Dodge Mayer

Costumes and Make-up by
Wil Albarez and Juliet Stephens Tripp

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