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Zen & the Asteroid – 2016 Series Trailer

It’s back in 2016! Zen & the Asteroid. Here’s the official series trailer. 12 exciting episodes of Zen & the Asteroid. Shot in northern New Mexico from 2000-2005, premiering at the Santa Fe Film Festival 2005. Directed by Dan Otero and Javier Arellano, and featuring an origital music score by Jonathan D. Mayer, this campy … Continue reading »

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The Troll’s Demise – A cave fable

The Troll’s Demise is a cave fable by Dan Otero. This short film chronicles the last hours of the Tall True Tree Troll, as he’s turned to stone by Trogla, a stone golem of the northern New Mexico Lapidolite mine. Caught up in the saga is professor Roberts, a UNM geology professor touring and discussing … Continue reading »

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