NMD Produces new DnK album

Posted by on 01/05/2015

NM-Digital is proud to announce the release of DnK, the first album by Dirk n Kan.

You can find Dirk n Kan on Facebook, and digital files and CD’s are available at CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody, and Spotify.

DnK Header

Dirk n Kan began when Kirk answered Dan’s craigslist ad seeking a racquetball partner. Both accomplished musicians, they discovered their “grab an instrument and see what happens next” attitude and organic songwriting process made for a perfect musical partnership. Four years later, an album was born.

DnK on iTunesThe 2014 album from Dirk n Kan is full of classical finger picking; tight, syncopated drumming; psychedelic guitar riffs; and ‘70s-influenced organ. From the opening track (“Frosty”) through the last track (“Pöwder”), you’re in for a quirky journey through an album that evokes a new emotion with each song.

If you’re a fan of instrumental music influenced by a plethora of genres—from alternative, rock, folk, to jazz fusion, Dirk n Kan is for you. If you can appreciate how influences like Phish, Tenacious D, Pink Floyd, Miles Davis, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones can come together to give birth to a wholly original work, then give Dirk n Kan a listen.

About their music, here’s what Kirk and Dan might say as they ski through the white Pöwder on a Blue MTÑ peak, “Good times are Frosty.”

Performed by Dan Otero (guitar, mandolin, keyboard, drums) and Kirk Hein (drums, bass, guitar, mandolin).
Mastered by Daniel Stapleton
Recorded, Mixed, and Designed, by New Mexico Digital


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