NMD mascot, friend, and weinerdog–LD–passes :(

Posted by on 12/23/2014
Galileo and LD

Galileo and LD

New Mexico Digital’s mascot, dashund and friend has passed. LD’s 16 years on Earth came to an end on 12/23/14. After dozens of hot springs, hikes, movie appearances, and song references, LD’s time had come.  We mourn his passing and celebrate the life that we shared.

Much appreciated are all the kind comments and sentiments expressed by the facebook community. Below is an unusually long screen-capture of 60+ comments and ‘likes’ taken from a FB post. Thank you all for your kind words and gestures–we all love our pets.

Shared sadness is lessened, and shared joy is amplified–thus do we refute entropy!

-DanO and G.

LD Facebook Comments


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