Elevation episode 8 – Kid Cavin’

Posted by on 01/06/2013
Oli and Mike are Kid Cavin'

Oliver and Mike Ward - Kid Cavin'

Join Mike and DanO as they take Ollie on a caving adventure in southern New Mexico.   This 10 minute episode of Elevation features the joy and adventure of Kid Cavin.    Along the way, the crew does some exploration for new caves, encounters a New Mexico monsoon, and sees some exciting new fauna.

With the proper mentorship, safety, and attitude, caving can be a fun part of childhood adventure.   As always, be fully aware and trained on proper cave exploration gear, safety techniques and emergency plans before attempting to explore any cave.

Release date: 1/30/13
Total running time: 10 min

Southern NM fauna 7/8/12

Dan “DanO” Otero
Michael “Mike” Ward

Special guest: Oliver Ward

Original music, graphics and videography by:
New Mexico Digital

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