Elevation Episode 7 – Cave of the Stars

Posted by on 02/27/2014
JMar, Stalagmike, and Dano hiking to Cave of the Stars

JMar, Stalagmike, and Dano hiking to Cave of the Stars

Cave of the Stars (CotS) is not the official name of this cave. Neither is cave #45. Whatever it’s called, this cave is stunning.

It was a 5 hour drive to southern, NM, followed by a 2 mile hike. Our campsite offered a humble creek to filter water, and some isolated, limestone canyon country to explore.

Rumor had it that a cave of some interest might be found, and with that, the NMD crew set off.

JMar inspecting a delicate "curtain" cave formation

JMar inspecting a delicate "curtain" cave formation

After some exploration, the team found an awkward hole on the side of a limestone escarpment. Some investigation revealed a passage worth following.

With a contorted, cliff-side entrance followed by a super tight squeeze, we were surprised to discover how large it opened up.

After a cactus-filled entrance, the cave opened up to some large, lime-stone passage.

We documented large curtain flowstone formations, intricate gypsum formations, and 40 foot high ceilings. Several large branches of cave passage required 3 separate trips to fully document this cave.

Delicate curtain formations, back-lit with a headlamp.

There’s a few passages to poke around a bit further, because one is never quite sure if the passage goes on.

As is evidenced with this cave, the smallest of passages can lead to magnificent rooms.

Gypsum Formation

An intricate gypsum formation

DanO, Harry and JMar, filming the cave.

Elevation episode 7: Cave of the Stars
Produced by New Mexico Digital
Directed by Dan Otero and Mike Ward
Featuring Mike Ward, Chris Poole, Justin Marley, Dan Otero
Camera by Mike Ward, Justin Marley and Dan Otero
Knowledge and research by Chris Poole, Mike Ward, Justin Marley and Dan Otero
Motion and Graphics by Dan Otero
Cartography and maps by Mike Ward
Photography by NM-Digital, except as credited.
Audio and soundFX by Dan Otero.

Music by
Louise Self – Flute
Colin Darby -Saxophone
Mike Ward – Keyboards, Guitar
Kirk Hein – Guitar, Bass, Drums
Justin Marley – Guitar, Harmonica
Dan Otero – Guitar, Bass, Drums, Mandolin

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