Elevation Episode 6 – Springs & Floods

Posted by on 04/30/2014

The team completes the 36 mile hiking loop in the Gila Wilderness in southwestern New Mexico. Featuring beautiful location videography, infographics on flora and fauna, original music, and dramatic flood footage.

JMar discussing Gila Mint

Elevation episode 6:
Produced by New Mexico Digital
Directed by Dan Otero and Mike Ward

Camera by:
Mike Ward, Justin Marley, and Dan Otero

Featuring knowledge and research by:
Mike Ward, Justin Marley, Chris Poole, Dan Otero, and Louise Self

Special Guest:
Louise Self

NMD blending in w/ New Mexico

Motion and Graphics by Dan Otero

Original Music by New Mexico Digital:

The music players:
Louise Self – Flute
Colin Darby -Saxophone
Mike Ward – Keyboards, Guitar
Kirk Hein – Guitar, Bass, Drums
Justin Marley – Guitar, Harmonica
Dan Otero – Guitar, Bass, Drums, Mandolin
Lucas Ethelbah – Percussion

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