Elevation episode 5 – Friction Fire

Posted by on 04/15/2013

No matches?  No lighter?  No problem!

Making a campfire using friction

Watch the NMD crew make a roaring campfire using the hand-spindle method.  This method uses a spindle and a notched board, to generate enough friction to create a live ember.  This live ember is carefully placed in a bed of dry grass.  With several deep breathes, enough oxygen is applied to grow the ember into a flame.   The burning grass is then placed into a pre-built “log cabin” stack of twigs and sticks, and finally, a camp fire roars into life.  This method has been used since time immemorial.

The 28 myo Bursum Caldera in SW New Mexico

The 28 myo Bursum Caldera in SW New Mexico

In addition, this episode features discussion of the Bursum Caldera, a 28 million year old volcano caldera that is one of 3 major calderas in the Gila Wilderness region, in southwestern New Mexico.

Elevation episode 5:
Produced by New Mexico Digital
Editing and Graphics by Dan Otero
Camera, photography, knowledge, and research by
Mike Ward, Justin Marley, Chris Poole, and Dan Otero

Audio score by Dan Otero and Mike Ward

The music players:
Louise Self – Flute
Colin Darby -Saxophone
Mike Ward – Keyboards, Guitar
Kirk Hein – Guitar, Bass, Drums
Justin Marley – Guitar, Harmonica
Dan Otero – Guitar, Bass, Drums, Mandolin

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