Elevation Episode 1 – Fifty

Posted by on 08/13/2013

Stalagmike ready to descend

Rappelling into their 50th cave, the New Mexico Digital crew begins the Elevation series with Episode 1:  Fifty.  (YouTube Full Elevation Series)

This spring 2012 trip focused on vertical SRT rope-work, and featured Yancy Jubal taking photos with his nifty Canon 60D DSLR.    The NMD team of Mike, DanO, and Justin worked with Phyllis Boneau to make the 3-stage, 100′ descent into cave 50.

The video features hi-res maps and graphics, deep cave exploration, hi-res photography, and original music.

Dano by underground lake

Elevation episode 1: Fifty
Produced by New Mexico Digital
Directed by Mike Ward and Dan Otero
Camera by Mike Ward and Justin Marley
Photography by Yancy Jubal
Knowledge and research by Mike Ward, Justin Marley and Dan Otero
Motion and Graphics by Dan Otero
Cartography and maps by Mike Ward
Special thanks Phyllis Boneau

Cave 50 cross-section by Mike Ward

Music, audio and soundFX by Dan Otero.  Songs include intro-music “Juntamos”, cave-explore-music “Bass Phil”, and end-music “Frosty”.  Featuring a talented cast of music players:
Louise Self – Flute
Colin Darby -Saxophone
Mike Ward – Keyboards, Guitar
Kirk Hein – Guitar, Bass, Drums
Justin Marley – Guitar, Harmonica
Dan Otero – Guitar, Bass, Drums, Mandolin

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