Elevation #14 Rattlesnake – Snake in a Cave!!

Posted by on 09/22/2017

4/2/17 – Elevation #14: Rattlesnake. Named after the black tail rattlesnake living in this cave.

Using single rope technique, and a well-lit multi-cam rig, the team rappels into a new cave near the Guadalupe mountains in southern New Mexico.

Elevation 14: Rattlesnake
Produced by New Mexico Digital

Directed and edited by Dan Otero

Camera by:
Mike Ward, Justin Marley, and Dan Otero

Featuring knowledge and research by:
Mike Ward, Justin Marley, Dan Otero

Motion and Graphics by Dan Otero

Original Music by New Mexico Digital, Dirk-n-Kan, and the dan otero sonic ensemble (dose)

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