Elevation #10 – Juntámos!

Elevation Season 2 – Episode 2: Juntámos Autumn in the Gila in New Mexico Filmed October, 2016 Tag along on the back-country adventure, as the NMD crew gathers in the Gila Wilderness. With stunning autumn colors, towering cliffs, Arizona Sycamore trees, the Gila river–and SNAKES!! Produced by New Mexico Digital Directed and edited by … Continue reading »

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Elevation Season 2 – Ep#1: “Sixty” – Cave Rappelling in New Mexico

The NMD team descends into cave Sixty. Using single rope technique, and a well-lit multi-cam rig, the team rappels into a new cave in the Carlsbad Caverns National Park. Elevation season 2 – Episode 1: Sixty Directed and edited by Mike Ward and Dan Otero Camera by: Mike Ward, Justin Marley, and Dan Otero Featuring … Continue reading »

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Petroglyphs on the Gila river – 2013

Ancient river and Ancient People The headwaters of the Gila river begin in southwestern New Mexico.   After a 650 mile trip across southern Arizona, the Gila joins with the Colorado river, and soon spills into the Sea of Cortez. The Gila drains an arid desert watershed of more than 60,000 square miles.  It’s the last … Continue reading »

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The Four Fundamental Forces

The four fundamental forces of the universe are:  Electromagnetism, Gravity, Nuclear Strong force and Nuclear Weak force.  Modern physics attempts to explain the observed physical phenomenon between these fundamental interactions.   Reducing the interaction types between the forces is the objective. Below is a brief overview of the 4 fundamental forces of our universe.  In … Continue reading »

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