Elevation Season 1 – Complete!

Season 1 of Elevation is complete.  With the final, non-sequential release of episode #6, Springs & Floods, the NM-Digital team has completed 8 episodes. This is about 1.5 hours of original content focused on the lands and caves of New Mexico.  You can binge on the full series, uninterrupted, by clicking the YouTube video, below. … Continue reading »

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Elevation Episode 7 – Cave of the Stars

Cave of the Stars (CotS) is not the official name of this cave. Neither is cave #45. Whatever it’s called, this cave is stunning. It was a 5 hour drive to southern, NM, followed by a 2 mile hike. Our campsite offered a humble creek to filter water, and some isolated, limestone canyon country to … Continue reading »

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Elevation episode 5 – Friction Fire

No matches?  No lighter?  No problem! Watch the NMD crew make a roaring campfire using the hand-spindle method.  This method uses a spindle and a notched board, to generate enough friction to create a live ember.  This live ember is carefully placed in a bed of dry grass.  With several deep breathes, enough oxygen is … Continue reading »

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