Archive: 5/31/04 – Smoke That Cigarette by Jefe the Psychedelic Cowboy.

Smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette Featuring the fire performance of Wil Albarez and the Fire Hazard crew, during the Route 66 celebration parade in Tucumcari, NM. Music performed by Jefe the Neon Cowboy (RIP). Renamed by Johnny V, the president of the Route 66 Foundation, Jefe the Psychedelic Cowboy earned his new name in the … Continue reading »

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Rio Grande del Norte National Monument

The Rio Grande del Norte national monument was established on 3/25/2013, by Presidential proclamation. This preserves about 242,555 acres of land near Taos, including the Rio Grande gorge, multiple volcanic cones and archeological collections of petroglyphs and evidence of human habitation dating back to the Archaic period. An excerpt from the presidential proclamation.  Read the … Continue reading »

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Archive: F.F.A.A.T protest – Santa Fe Film Festival – 12/4/05

Fairness for Androids and Trolls – FFAAT From the NMD archives comes this gem: A mock protest at the ’05 Santa Fe Film Festival box office to protest the movie Zen & the Asteroid for it’s unfair use of Troll and Android labor. Ha! Featuring the creative forces of Gene Torres, Justin Marley, Wil Albarez, … Continue reading »

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Cielito Lindo by Las Meganenas

Cielito Lindo: Performed by Las Meganenas as part of a performance of Rio de Lagrimas, a sixty minute trilingual (Spanish, English and Nahuatl) piece written by Soledad Marjon-Hindi and scored by Vivian Fernanadez Continue reading »

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