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Fairness for Androids and Trolls – FFAAT

DanO protesting the unfair treatment of trolls in local-indie-movies - Santa Fe, NM - 12/4/05

From the NMD archives comes this gem:

A mock protest at the ’05 Santa Fe Film Festival box office to protest the movie Zen & the Asteroid for it’s unfair use of Troll and Android labor. Ha!

Featuring the creative forces of Gene Torres, Justin Marley, Wil Albarez, Bob Alexander, Jon Bowman, Steven “Jules” Ruben, Grizz Sakowski and the rest.

Original press release: 12/4/05:

At the 2005 Santa Fe Film Festival, a group calling themselves F.F.A.A.T. (Fairness for Androids and Trolls) picketed the Festival Box Office in protest of the screening of Zen & the Asteroid (IMDb), which the group claimed had unfair treatment for the Trolls and Androids in the movie.

DanO protesting for troll-fairness. Note the mops in support

This blatant publicity stunt landed us on the front page of the Santa Fe New Mexican news-rag, featuring this photo of DanO protesting his cause. For more info on the mops check out the epic saga:  Los Mopes by Grizz Sakowski.

This video is hosted at the NMD site.
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