Antonio and the Ceiling Fan – A New Mexican Christmas Story – Audiobook

Posted by on 12/23/2017


NMD has completed production of its first audiobook on   This 12 minute story is performed in the Old Time Radio fashion, with characters, sound effects, and music. Get it for Free on Audible!

Antonio and the Ceiling Fan: A New Mexican Christmas Story is a short story set in rural northern New Mexico. It is a holiday story of magical realism, focusing on a teenager coming to realize the power of his family, his mother, and the mortality that we all face. He also has a talking ceiling fan.

Written by:  Dan Otero
Narrated by:  Sabina Zuniga-Varela
Production by: New Mexico Digital
Sound Effects by: Lucas Ethelbah
Guitar by: Dan Otero
Additional Production: Dan Otero, Justin Marley

With audio performances by:
David Chavez as Antonio
Miguel Velasquez as the Ceiling Fan
Dan Otero as El Papa and Tío Desidério
Yancey Williams as Lúpe the Cow

Download A Free copy of Antonio and the Ceiling Fan on

Disclaimer: This short story contains a fair amount of Spanish dialog, most of which is described in context.

©2017 Daniel Otero (P)2017 Daniel Otero

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