Ambient Trash – Fight Like a Man

Posted by on 04/14/2011
Ambient Trash

Ambient Trash

Here’s a super cool video from the NMD archive. Ambient Trash playing a crazy jazz fusion song called Fight Like a Man, at the Launchpad in Albuquerque, NM.

AMBIENT TRASH can best be described as ‘instrumental prog rock’. But, that description doesn’t do the music enough credit. You can expect a wild ride through heavy rock, edgy funk, bluesy jamming, and everything in between with their music.

Fight Like a Man by Ambient Trash
Live line up:
Ron Sandborn – Guitar
Rob Brothers – Bass
Rich Nance – Drums
Live @ The Launchpad, Albuquerque, NM – 6/27/09

Additional Ambient Trash videos by NMD include: Little Box, Blue Balls, Industrial Waste, Reservoir Tip, and Hot for Creature. Enjoy.

Videography by Dan Otero
@ New Mexico Digital

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