Bears Released to the NM Wilderness

Posted by on 10/19/2011

Chris Poole, Education Animal Curator/Facilities Manager at TWC, and NMD Wildlife Resource/Camp Sushi Chef.

Chris Poole, Education Animal Curator/Facilities Manager at The Wildlife Center (TWC) in Española, NM, was featured on KOAT 7 on 10/18/11.

Here’s the Video. From the article by Alana Greenfogel at KOAT 7:

ESPANOLA, N.M. — A bunch of bears are heading back to their homes in the New Mexico wilderness.

Five bears were released from Espanola’s wildlife center on Monday. The center’s main mission is to beef up bears that are left starving and scarred because of drought or wildfires.

“(We look to) really just fatten them up and try to pack on as much weight as we possibly can,” center worker Chris Poole said.

Once the bears are plump enough to survive in the wild, they’re set free. Nearly a dozen bears will be released from the wildlife center soon.

For more information, check out The Wildlife Center Official Webpage.

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