2013 Bike Map and Stats

Posted by on 12/31/2013

2013 was a big year for the New Mexico Digital crew.

Here are the stats:

Year End Stats 2013 2012 2011
Biking Miles 926 720 320
Hiking Miles 89 94 60
Camp Nights 28 28 22
Caves 12 10 4
Hot Springs 12 5 5

DanO's 2013 bike map of Albuquerque

Biking Miles – 926.  The attached map shows a detail of DanO’s bike rides throughout Albuquerque.  926 miles, the best in the last 20 years! Using the Easy Trails app (by Zirak) DanO mapped over 900 miles of biking in New Mexico’s largest city.  After trying a number of other “GPS” apps, DanO settled on Easy Trails because of it’s ease of exporting KML data.  KML, or Keyhole Markup Language, is an XML-based markup language developed for use within Google Earth.

Hiking Miles – 89.  A slight dip in hiking miles from the 2012 total of 94.  The NMD crew did a number of trips to the Gila Wilderness, the Weminuche Wilderness, the San Pedro Parks Wilderness, and many others.

Camp Nights – 28.  A month sleeping out under the stars!  This included nights under cliff-side alcoves, chilly nights in tents, and most of the time, on the ground in a bivy sac with a trusty down sleeping bag.

Caves – 12.  2013 may be the best year in terms of cave quantity.  12 caves, with 5 of them being brand new caves.  This includes the magical cave #60, many hundreds of feet of static rope, dozens of headlamp batteries, and some exciting new 3D cave filming.  Truly stunning sights to be seen underground.

Hot Springs – 12.  This must be the most springs in a year for NMD.  12 distinct hot-spring systems in New Mexico and Colorado (over 3 dozen individual pools within these systems).  Of note was the beautiful 4th of July camping in Southern Colorado, watching fireflies (Lampyridae) and shooting stars from a river-side hotspring.  Magical !







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