DanO’s 2012 photo slideshow – família y amígos

Posted by on 12/31/2012
Live in the Basement

Basement Jam - Mike Dano Jmar Jeff

2012 was an interesting year with many ups and downs.  This slideshow retrospective shows some great photos of the ups–including a few literal ones.

Includes photos of dear friends and family; hot springs and caves; music making and recreating; plus a few bonus shots of LD, the scene-stealing weener-dog, and the mysterious flying spaghetti monster.

All supported by 5 minutes of original music, recorded by DanO in Mike’s basement, w/ Jmar, and Lou on flute.  Good stuff!

2012 was a good year for personal statistics.  Knowing that tracking exercise and adventure, is a great way to quantify adventure and staying-in-shape, here are DanO’s 2012 stats (last year in parenthesis):

Biking in the ABQ, bósque - 10/27/12

Biking in the ABQ, bósque - 10/27/12

Biking miles = 720 (320)
Backpacking miles = 94 (60)
Camp nights = 28 (22)
Business trip nights = 11 (28)
Racquetball W-L-T = 8-11 (10-6-4)
Ski trips = 0 (8)
Cave trips = 5 (5)
Hot springs = 10 (4)

Thanks to all friends and family who joined in on the 2012 adventures–including Kirk Hein who kicked ass (mine) this year in racquetball.  Also note that Albuquerque, NM is a world-class biking city, with trails at 5,200′ by the Rio Grande, to 6,600′ in the Sandia foothills.

Many of these adventures have been, or will be, detailed in this blog, which is updated monthly (heh).  So check back every new moon.

-bueno bye, dano


Slideshow photos:  D. Otero / J. Marley / M. Ward / L. Self / E. Dworsky / B. Melton  —  Slideshow music:  flute – L. Self / keys – M. Ward / bass – J. Marley / drums – D. Otero  \m/


P.S. –  Here’s the Google zeitgeist 2012 video.  Super awesome stuff.

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