11,410 feet

Posted by on 06/10/2011
NMDigital at 11,410'

Chrispy, DanO and JMar at 11,410'

The NMD crew is back from a 4 night film expedition in the Pecos Wilderness.

The Pecos Wilderness has several peaks exceeding 12,000 feet (3,700 m), including Santa Fe Baldy, 12,622 feet (3,847 m), and South Truchas Peak, 13,102 feet (3,993 m), the second highest peak in the state.

We camped at the one dry spot between two beautiful lakes, in the high mountain cirque beneath North Truchas peak, 13,024 ft (3,970 m).

We also saw the Mourning Cloak butterfly (nymphana antiopa), which happens to be the state insect of Montana.

Nymphalis Antiopa – Mourning Cloak

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